Swap Your Weeds for FREE Australian Native Plants

Broad-leaved Privet, Ligustrum lucida is a common woody weed found in moister sites of Mt Majura close to gardens.

Coming up Weed Swap:

Weekend 29 / 30 March 2014

from 8.30am to 4.45pm

Weed Swap is a joint initiative of the Australian Native Plants Society and the Department of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) to encourage ACT residents to remove woody weeds from their gardens, safely dispose them and select free Australian native plants as an alternative to grow in the gardens.

When: Spring and autumn each year

Of 136 young woody weeds found within four square meters in the reserve behind Rivett Street, over 70% were Broad-leaved Privet (Photograph Waltraud Pix, 01.02. 2013).

What to do: Remove the woody weeds from your garden and bring the remains to the green waste recycling centre at either Canberra Sand and Gravel in Belconnen or Corkhill Brothers near Mugga Lane tip.

Visit the swap stall at these locations and receive an Australian replacement plant of your choice. The plants are clearly labelled and volunteers will offer planting and care advice.

For further information click on this Weed Swap Pamphlet (pdf 2.5 MB)

A hedge of firethorns, Pyracantha sp. at the footslope of Mt Majura. The hedge has been removed since the photograph was taken in February 2010. Firethorns are spread by birds which eat the fuits and excrete the  seeds in the native bushland. (Photograph Waltraud Pix, 18.02.2010)

Target species for removal: Cotoneaster, Firethorn, Privets and Brooms.

Free replacement plants: there are a range of ground-covers, clumping plants, small medium and large shrubs and a few trees available such as Wattles, Bottlebrushes, Correas, Grevilleaa and Boobialla.

Enquiries: Phone Canberra Connect on 132281 or the Weed Swap co-ordinator on 62584724

View some of the common woody weeds that occur within the Mount Majura Nature Reserve at the FoMM Woody Weeds Flickr Group: click here

Weed Swap flyer
Weed Swap poster
Woody Weeds poster

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