Weeding with a View (21/04/2024)

Give a hand and help removing horehound.

Come and help remove horehound at an old stock camp on Majura Ridge, enjoy the views, friendly company, a cake and the satisfaction of having cleaned a patch of horrible horehound which will allow native plants to thrive.

When: Sunday 21 April, from 1 pm to 4 pm; give as much time as you want.

Where: The old sheep camp at the junction of Casuarina Track with the summit trail, click on this map to see the meeting point marked with the red balloon number 6, the access points to Casuarina Track, and the location of the sheep camp.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, be aware that it will take you 30 or 35 minutes to walk there.

What: Hand weeding a variety of herbaceous weeds, mainly horehound.

Bring: Sun protection, drinking water, garden gloves and secateurs if you have them.

Wear: Sturdy shoes and clothes which cover your limbs preferably with a smooth surface to prevent horehound burrs attaching themselves; if you wear knit clothing you may look like a hedgehog after weeding.

We provide some tools, gloves, and a delicious cake for afternoon tea.

Inquiry: secretary@majura.org

Photographs on this page by W. Pix

For further information on the work carried out at the old sheep camp click on this link

The shrub and She-oak plantings on the east slope in June 2014.

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