Wildflower Walk (09/10/2022)

The Showy Parrotpea, Dillwynia sericea belongs to the pod-bearing pea (Fabaceae) family (W. Pix)

Enjoy Mount Majura’s Floriade on a stroll with local plant ecologist Michael Doherty and see what is in bloom on the mountain this spring.

When: Sunday, 9th October 2022, from 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Where: Meet at the car park nature park entrance Mackenzie Street roughly opposite Grayson Street in Hackett, click on this map to view the meeting point.

Wear suitable clothing for the expected weather and comfortable and appropriate footwear.

The flowers of Spreading Flax Lily, Dianella revoluta attract buzz pollinating native bees. The pollen-collecting bee clings to the anthers, vibrates her flight muscles and shakes down the pollen which she brushes into special combs on her hind legs. The bee in the photograph has already collected a large amount of pollen and wears big pollen “trousers”.

Bring sun protection, a camera and magnifying glass if you have them.

An updated plant species list of Mount Majura / Mount Ainslie will be available for a gold coin donation.

Enquiries: secretary@majura.org

Over 600 species of plants have been identified and documented on Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie, the majority of which are local native plants and include some rare and endangered species.

Friends of Mount Majura conduct annual updates of the Flora list with the help of botanists, ecologists and people, who record their sightings on Canberra Nature Map.

Keep your eyes open and your camera at the ready on your walks – who knows what new species lurks around the corner.


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