Working Party @ The Fair (21/08/2016)

Smilie Girl At NTD2016

Emily, the Smilie girl found by S. Bittinger at the National Tree Day planting site.

Come and help direct seeding local grass seeds at the National Tree Day planting site on Sunday 21 August, give some TLC to the new seedlings planted on July 31st and view the results of prior years’ planting efforts.

When: Sunday, 21 August, 1pm – 4pm; give as much of your time as you want.

Meet: Nature park entrance Tay/Ian Nicol Streets, The Fair, North Watson.

What: Direct seeding of native grass; caring for seedlings planted on National Tree Day.

Bring: Sun protection, sturdy shoes; tools and tea will be provided.


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Overgrazed, bare and eroding “grassy” woodland east of The Fair (W. Pix, May 2016).


… and how it should be: native ground cover layer with Bulbine lilies on Mt Majura’s north west slope (W. Pix, October 2005)

Parts of the grassy woodland in the nature reserve east of The Fair have become bare over the past years and show signs of active erosion.

We hope that the direct seeding of native grass seeds combined with mulching and the planting of local wildflower species at National Tree Day will reverse the degradation, provide an erosion preventing ground cover layer and improve the habitat and biodiversity values of the site.

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