Celebrate World Environment Day 2008 with a walk, talk & tea (8 June 2008)

When: Sunday 8 June 2008, 1.00 – 3.00 pm
Meet at Mackenzie Street Nature Park entrance opposite Grayson Street, Hackett.
ph 6247 7515 or admin@majura.org

You will enjoy a gentle winter walk and afternoon tea in the beautiful woodlands of Mount Majura. On the walk you will learn about how Friends of Mount Majura are enhancing our local nature reserve and share in the progress of work. This is your opportunity to meet local naturalist and author Ian Fraser, who will talk about the bush habitat on your doorstep.

Download this poster for distribution

Volunteers plant native shrubs and grasses at the drain line close to the Hackett reservoir (photograph by Waltraud Pix)

Projects we will see on the walk

Majura Dams. Friends of Mt Majura (FoMM) are working to improve the habitat around the two Majura dams. The main problem at this site is compacted soil and erosion from inappropriate use over the past. Volunteers planted seedlings of local wetland and dry-land species in 2005. They spread coir matting to halt erosion, and placed rocks and logs and launched floating islands to provide habitat and shelter for aquatic wildlife.

Helms Place. The area close to Helms Place became compacted and weed infested after earthworks some years ago. Local residents adopted the site and use indigenous grasses and forbs for rehabilitation.

Tree Planting. FoMM planted local trees at the cleared areas behind the lower Hackett water reservoir. Ongoing drought required thorough preparation of the planting sites and hand watering until the seedlings had establish.

Drain Line. The ditch close to the lower Hackett reservoir was overgrown with woody weeds and had become a neglected area where people dumped garden waste and rubbish. Starting in 2004 FoMM removed the rubbish and the woody weeds and planted local grasses, flowers and small shrubs along the edge of the ditch. In 2006 work began at the upper part of the drain line that runs through the horse paddocks. Volunteers removed woody and herbaceous weeds and began planting local treesin 2008 .

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