Fireweed Alert

Madagascan Fireweed, Senecio madagascariensis is a serious weed of grasslands and grassy woodlands (grazed and un-grazed). It has been recently found on the Monaro Highway close to the ACT border and on a paddock abutting Antill Street in Watson. It was most likely introduced with fodder.

Click Fireweed alert flyer 201110080 to view pictures of the weed.

A Fireweed flower has 12-15 petal-like yellow ray florets sourrounding the central disc flowers; the strap-like parts of the ray florets are about 1 cm long.

Fireweeds grow quickly and are prolific seed producers. If not controlled before flowering, Fireweed can form a persistant seed bank and can rapidely take over grassy ecosystems particulary over-grazed pastures.

If you locate a Fireweed remove it by hand, bag and dispose of and – if you can – GPS the site. Please send information to:
Jenny Conolly, Weeds Ranger E:, M: 0417 716 920 or
Steve Taylor, Senior Weeds Management officer E:, P 62072278

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